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The Vicus is an historical re-enactment society that portrays the Roman invasion of Britain in the 1st century AD, from the initial invasion of Claudius in 43 AD, though the revolt of Boudicca in 60-61 AD to the final battle against Roman rule at Mons Graupius in Scotland in 84 AD.

We portray military and civilian life for both the native iron-age tribes of Britain and the invading Roman Empire.

We hold events throughout the year. 
Our public events usually involve our living history encampment showing many aspects of ordinary life during the period and re-enactment combat displays that pit the native Britons against the invading Roman Army. We are also able to hold displays of gladiatorial combat.
During the winter we also hold a series of private training sessions involving both combat training and exchange of craft/living history skills.

The latin work vicus meaning a settlement is often used to refer to the small towns that grew up around Roman forts, many of which have since become major town and cities today. The vicus of a roman fort is one of the few places where the native population of the new province of Britannia would routinely interact with the occupying Roman forces. Portraying a vicus therefore gives us the opportunity to portray this turbulent period of history from the perspective of the invaded and the invaders


Upcoming Events 2017

The Ancient Technology Centre, Cranbourne, Dorset:
1st - 2nd April 

Chalke Valley History Festival, Salisbury, Wiltshire: 1st-2nd July 

Lunt Fort Roman Festival, Baginton, Coventry: 15 - 16th July 

More 2017 events TBC. 


Event Booking and Membership

General Enquiries, please contact Chris Wyre at vicus@thevicus.co.uk

For Events Booking and Film Work, please Contact events@thevicus.co.uk

For information about Membership please contact Tom Timbrell at membership@thevicus.co.uk



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