Articles on kit and equipment and manufacture

These are our articles on various aspects of the period, which are mainly aimed at the re-enactor.
More are being added all the time, although they are primarily a complement to the Iron Age Clothing and Equipment guide that is now available. 

For a complete resource on re-enacting the Iron age then the Iron Age Clothing and Equipment guide available online.
For a complete resource on re-enacting the early Roman invasion period then we recommend the Legio XX site in the USA (they come up first on a google search for a very good reason). 

These articles are for educational purposes only:

General articles.
Your first event
Shields and Spears - or why you would always use one in real life and why you don't hammer the life out of your mates

How to make, or information on, basic items

Clothing and Personal Accessories
Auxilia Dress
Madoc's auxillia and briton tunic pattern
Making a simple British Belt 
Tablet Weaving by Dave Shackleton or Dave's Website
Making Roman Marching Boots by Neil Lucock
Roman Fans by Bryony Spurway
Making a Sarcina by Neil Lucock 
Assembling a Balteus by Neil Lucock
How to make a Byrus Britannicus by Sally Pointer
How to use a drop spindle by Jo Taylor

Weapons and shields
Making a spear
Making a Shield 
Making a shield (by Neil Lucock)

Making a Scutum 
Anthropomorphic British Swords
Back slung british swords
Modifying the Deepeeka British Sword

Modifying the Deepeeka British Scabbard
An accurate British sword from scratch

Padding a helmet
Cleaning and removing plating from Mail shirts
Mail cape for a British Mailshirt 

Gladiator Arm Padding
Gladiator Types
Gladiator subligaculum (loincloth)

Working with cold enamel 


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